Tuesday, December 9, 2014

T0M (Tee-Zero-Em) - Time Zero Machine

It is very frustrating to hear people talk about Big Bang, then you hear words like contingent, non-contingent beings, something coming from nothing and so on.
There seems to be always presented it as a binary A or B. There is a simple third option as a concept. I call it T0M or TOM. Let me start this with the simplest idea. It only takes a stupid non-intelligent time-zero machine that works at Kardashev 5. That is it.

How do you create a universe?
Silly example #1. A wiggly worm crawls accross a light sensor and turns on the TOM and a universe is popped out.
Silly example #2. A baby entity is sat down on control panel and accidentally has its backside push the MU (Make Universe) button.

What the examples represent.
1. Kardashev 5 level energy is all that is required.
2. A machine can work at Kardashev 5 level
3. The machine operates at or through Time Zero
4. A time zero machine does not have to be or have intelligence
5. The activation of TOM does not require significant intelligence (worm)
6. Or the activation can be done by accident or other

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