Thursday, May 29, 2014

Belief #4 - Null is Real and Natural

Poly Null Theism (PNT) is based on reality and nature. There is no need for imaginary beings except that they can be fun to be in the container. Pretend, Fiction and Imaginary are great for stories, for inspiration, for fantasy and they should not be confused with things and ideas that are real and natural. Supernatural is just fine in fantasy, but PNT looks to nature, skepticism and to science for its base.

Belief #3 - Null is bigger And ...

Null is the unknown, the indeterminate, the not yet learned. It is where all things come. One is a subset of the many. First and Before are contained in an ordered list. These are all known and limited.
Sayings like "I am the One", or "No other before me", all can be true AND be contained. First in a ordered list no matter how large, grand, good or whatever, is still small enough to be contained. A circle of infinite radius with a fractal edge is still contained in the set of circles, the set of fractals.
The beauty of the null is it can contain the perfect and the imperfect, the good, the bad, the many, the few or the zero, it can even contain the imaginary.

Null is not Nothing

True and False are specific claims. Up and Down are also specific. Something and nothing are specific.

Null is the unknown. In a logic truth table you will see values of true, false and null. Null is not nothing, it is that a value is not known. In computers, if a string variable is null, that means has no value. Use the idea of the field for someone's middle initial. The field is blank when someone submits it. Does that mean they have no middle initial or they just did not type it in. Having a null value in a middle initial cannot claim that the person does not have a middle name or initial, just that we do not yet know. In some systems people will use symbols like "#" or "*" to indicate that they do not have a middle name or initial. Now we have specific information. We can say affirmatively they have nothing for a middle initial or name.

Null is actually the biggest container. It holds both something and nothing. It holds anything and everything. It is the largest container and the smallest container. It can hold universes, sub atomic particle ideas or a vague cloudy thought.

Nothing is not null. Nothing is a specific state. A known state, not an unknown. In some computer languages it can be difficult to tell if a variable does not have a specific value. To know if it is "empty" (a known value) or "null" (unknown or never/not yet assigned).

Null Theism or PNT is not about belief in nothing. It is quite the opposite. It is belief in the unknown. Science loves the unknown. Learning, exploring, growing.


Poly Null Theist

Last night I spent some time really digging over some old posts about "nulltheist" ideas that have been kicking around the internet. First thing I really wanted to do was to start from my own premise which has roots in other conversations and ideas but to make it specific and distinct.

So first thing is "nulltheism" or "null theism" has been around for quite a while. What I wanted to do was find a way of making this specific. "Null Theism" is a concept. Just like "Atheism", "Agnostic" and so on.

I spent some time over the last 2 days thinking about the ideas and how should I make this concept into something specific. So specific that it can be distinctly recognized as a religion.

After thinking about it for past several days and really getting clarity last night, I came to the conclusion that the best label for the "religion" side was "Poly Null Theism", "Polynulltheism", "PNT".

A big part of this faith is acceptance, skepticism, containment, strategy, tactics. So a Mono model means that one side has to be wrong. Since we are using faith here, we have the benefit of bigger beliefs that can contain yours and ok to dissolve yours away.

At this point "poly" has no number, can be 2, 3, 4, any number. Not specific at the time of this writing but may become better defined in the future. I think if a default number is needed then "2" is the most practical in most cases especially when interacting with monotheists, but other numbers are just as welcome because the idea behind null is the unknown.

Belief #2 - Poly Null Theism

Just a quick math review.
 1 x 0 = 0
 2 x 0 = 0
 3 x 0 = 0
 1 x null = null
 2 x null = null
 3 x null = null

Mono Null Theism = Poly Null Theism

Why settle for 1 when 2 is so much more controversial. Plus all the things that Binary systems have. So male/female, he/she, black/white, up/down all require a duality. Or we could go with Trilogy/tertiary model of Red/Green/Blue, or beginning/middle/end  and so on.

Mono Null Theism and Poly Null Theism are two sides of same coin. Oh Wait... You get the idea. Null Theism allows the full expression of ideas that best move the strategy and tactics forward.

Belief #1 - Be found, be loud and be heard

In order for a religion or idea to spread it need to take shape. It needs to find places that it can be shared. It needs to find ways to get over and past the existing noise or barriers. And finally, it needs to not just be broadcast but also to find ears willing to listen and engage.

"A Moment of Silence". Well thank you for that null moment for us to share our message.

"In God We Trust". Well thank you for being submissive to the null god. We are happy to spread the word about your unconditional surrender.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Null Theism as a Religion

Null Theism as a religion is going to be an interesting journey in the development of this path. It is definitely not something I can do alone and I am sure will cause tons of controversy in both religious, non-religious, Atheist, and Secular areas.

The first and most important premise (as least as I am writing this, and I am sure others will jump to the front) is that Null Theism is based on the core beliefs of "Strategy" and "Tactics". Not a belief in any particular Strategy or Tactic, but the idea and model of using Strategy and Tactics. Having a belief system is core to a religion, believing in usage of Strategy and Tactics is a great foundation for making changes in a person, group or community.

Strategy and Tactics provide a solid foundation on which all subsequent beliefs can be built upon.


Journey begins with "Null" Theism

What is this Null stuff I keep talking about? and what is Null Theism?

I thought I would explore these ideas a little in this post. Overall this is a very rich subject that will eventually cover chapters worth of information. But I figured I would start with the most basic idea and understanding.

Before I begin with the definition it may help to understand where I am coming from and the simple definition will then make more sense.

I am an Atheist, Agnostic and Ignostic. These all start from an idea of not having a belief or knowledge of a God or Gods. One of the difficulties with all these labels is they say what someone is not. There are ways people have stated beliefs in more positive way as humanists, free thinkers, and other such secular positions. The one thing that is missing is a way to state some sort of atheist position but in an affirmative position. That is where the idea of Null Theism was started.

In the scientific world, if someone is going to begin a journey of exploration, it begins with the idea of a Null Hypothesis. You don't necessarily have a destination, but you may have a falsifiable initial position.

My idea was to take that idea of the Null Hypothesis and apply it to Theism. Thus became the idea of "Null Theism". It is the idea of an affirmative belief in a "Null" god (Note lower case 'g'). The idea of null is that it is indeterminate. In a logic situation you may have conditions of True, False and Null. Null means that it may be true or false or maybe not even known or knowable.

Core ideas behind Null Theism is the ideas come from Atheism, Skepticism, Rationalism, Science, Reason and the desire to make the world we live a better place.

Another key idea behind Null Theism is while Atheism tries to distance itself from religion, Null Theism looks to stand up directly and proudly using the religion label for all the power that designation carries, including recognition by individuals, communities and government bodies. Not as a "fake" religion like Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM), but instead a genuine positive position in Rational religion. That is definitely going to be challenging.


The development path of The Null Theist

I wanted to start with this first real post to tell about the journey I am trying to undertake with the Null Theist.

First, this blog serves to record the development of my ideas, feelings, reasons and other aspects on the development of what I am calling "Null Theism". I don't know if this idea has existed before or if their is a similar idea to borrow from. My preliminary searches did not turn up what I was specifically looking to express.

As this blog progresses it is very likely that I will make statements, presuppositions, and other statements that very likely will be changed or completely reversed. That is ok, That is why this blog exists for me to put out these ideas, to get comments and feed back from individuals on what I might learn, new ideas, new directions, who knows?

I have a general idea as I start writing this of what I am planning on going toward and I will lay this out over the upcoming posts. I appreciate your comments, positive or negative, as long as they are constructive. I will automatically delete spam, trolls, hate speech and other non-productive comments.

I welcome you on this journey together with me.


First Post

This is the first post to the blog. Nothing too important in this post than to establish the date and time of the blog being created and the first post at May 28th, 2014 at 11:17PM ET.