Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The development path of The Null Theist

I wanted to start with this first real post to tell about the journey I am trying to undertake with the Null Theist.

First, this blog serves to record the development of my ideas, feelings, reasons and other aspects on the development of what I am calling "Null Theism". I don't know if this idea has existed before or if their is a similar idea to borrow from. My preliminary searches did not turn up what I was specifically looking to express.

As this blog progresses it is very likely that I will make statements, presuppositions, and other statements that very likely will be changed or completely reversed. That is ok, That is why this blog exists for me to put out these ideas, to get comments and feed back from individuals on what I might learn, new ideas, new directions, who knows?

I have a general idea as I start writing this of what I am planning on going toward and I will lay this out over the upcoming posts. I appreciate your comments, positive or negative, as long as they are constructive. I will automatically delete spam, trolls, hate speech and other non-productive comments.

I welcome you on this journey together with me.


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