Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Null Theism as a Religion

Null Theism as a religion is going to be an interesting journey in the development of this path. It is definitely not something I can do alone and I am sure will cause tons of controversy in both religious, non-religious, Atheist, and Secular areas.

The first and most important premise (as least as I am writing this, and I am sure others will jump to the front) is that Null Theism is based on the core beliefs of "Strategy" and "Tactics". Not a belief in any particular Strategy or Tactic, but the idea and model of using Strategy and Tactics. Having a belief system is core to a religion, believing in usage of Strategy and Tactics is a great foundation for making changes in a person, group or community.

Strategy and Tactics provide a solid foundation on which all subsequent beliefs can be built upon.


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