Thursday, May 29, 2014

Poly Null Theist

Last night I spent some time really digging over some old posts about "nulltheist" ideas that have been kicking around the internet. First thing I really wanted to do was to start from my own premise which has roots in other conversations and ideas but to make it specific and distinct.

So first thing is "nulltheism" or "null theism" has been around for quite a while. What I wanted to do was find a way of making this specific. "Null Theism" is a concept. Just like "Atheism", "Agnostic" and so on.

I spent some time over the last 2 days thinking about the ideas and how should I make this concept into something specific. So specific that it can be distinctly recognized as a religion.

After thinking about it for past several days and really getting clarity last night, I came to the conclusion that the best label for the "religion" side was "Poly Null Theism", "Polynulltheism", "PNT".

A big part of this faith is acceptance, skepticism, containment, strategy, tactics. So a Mono model means that one side has to be wrong. Since we are using faith here, we have the benefit of bigger beliefs that can contain yours and ok to dissolve yours away.

At this point "poly" has no number, can be 2, 3, 4, any number. Not specific at the time of this writing but may become better defined in the future. I think if a default number is needed then "2" is the most practical in most cases especially when interacting with monotheists, but other numbers are just as welcome because the idea behind null is the unknown.

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