Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Journey begins with "Null" Theism

What is this Null stuff I keep talking about? and what is Null Theism?

I thought I would explore these ideas a little in this post. Overall this is a very rich subject that will eventually cover chapters worth of information. But I figured I would start with the most basic idea and understanding.

Before I begin with the definition it may help to understand where I am coming from and the simple definition will then make more sense.

I am an Atheist, Agnostic and Ignostic. These all start from an idea of not having a belief or knowledge of a God or Gods. One of the difficulties with all these labels is they say what someone is not. There are ways people have stated beliefs in more positive way as humanists, free thinkers, and other such secular positions. The one thing that is missing is a way to state some sort of atheist position but in an affirmative position. That is where the idea of Null Theism was started.

In the scientific world, if someone is going to begin a journey of exploration, it begins with the idea of a Null Hypothesis. You don't necessarily have a destination, but you may have a falsifiable initial position.

My idea was to take that idea of the Null Hypothesis and apply it to Theism. Thus became the idea of "Null Theism". It is the idea of an affirmative belief in a "Null" god (Note lower case 'g'). The idea of null is that it is indeterminate. In a logic situation you may have conditions of True, False and Null. Null means that it may be true or false or maybe not even known or knowable.

Core ideas behind Null Theism is the ideas come from Atheism, Skepticism, Rationalism, Science, Reason and the desire to make the world we live a better place.

Another key idea behind Null Theism is while Atheism tries to distance itself from religion, Null Theism looks to stand up directly and proudly using the religion label for all the power that designation carries, including recognition by individuals, communities and government bodies. Not as a "fake" religion like Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM), but instead a genuine positive position in Rational religion. That is definitely going to be challenging.


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