Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Who created the universe? God or Tom?

Does it really take a god to create a universe?

Most religious arguments make a statement similar to "God is this infinitely (most imaginable) powerful being". For the purpose of this post we will define define that god not as infinite but a really big number way in excess of most of following arguments. 

Let me start with the first fact. Universe is defined at Kardishev 5 power level. Now based on above god statement lets take that instead of infinite but a mathmatically understandable number of 1000. So we will define the above god as Kardishev 5 x 1000 = Kardishev 5000. Since Kardishev is exponential the 5000 is really really big. So many zeros would take you years to add.

Lets look at what we are starting with:
Universe = Kardishev 5
God = Kardishev 5000

If we are using a monotheistic model then only one being is at Kardishev 5000. If we are looking at biblical sources then we know there are other celestial beings. It therefore would stand that celestial beings are all those with K < 5000. Bible cites numerous cases of celestial beings having power levels to destroy cities. So from that we know

Celestial beings > Human Power
Celestial beings < Kardishev 5000

Bible cites many celestial beings in all different books. There is no definition of limits of power of celestial beings so reasonable to assume some are more powerful than others yet still less than K5000. Even a being worth of cleaning a celestial bathroom could have K200 or K500. They still can be an insignificant spec to a being at K5000.

We can derive from the above, that a celestial bathroom cleaner can have more than enough power to create our universe and even a universe 1000x bigger.

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