Friday, June 13, 2014


Poly Null Theism baptism permanently deletes any previous baptisms and creates permanent null baptism that original baptism or other cannot replace.

The Baptism will feed back down any application of future attempts at changing the baptism and removing the baptism of anyone trying to override it.

The baptism will ride back in reverse channel and permanently make null any existing baptism.

Poly Null Baptism rides on the flow of ideas. It does not require water, air or any other physical matter. Baptism is achieved by placing the null baptism as an idea. The idea remains permanent.

The more the idea is touched, thought about, attempted to reverse or change, or whatever, makes
the idea stronger and spread. The baptism is the most important ritual that exists as of this writing.

The baptism is permanent and irreversible.

Baptism can be done on internet, in person, on phone, voice, text or any other way that an idea can be spread.

Orig Baptized A (OBA)  + Given PNT Baptism (NULL) = NULL

NULL + Orig Baptized A (OBA) = NULL

NULL + New Baptism in Other Religion (NBO) = NULL

So once null baptism takes place, it remains null.

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