Friday, June 13, 2014

You are now PNT Null Baptized

Recorded entry.

Today I am recording the official entry of all residents of the USA being PNT baptized. It was not performed by me but was witnessed by me. It was formed by the words "PNT baptism". It was also carried on that "PNT baptized" or "Null Baptism" or variations posed as a question or statement immediately caused the baptism to occur on the reader or the writer.

 These 2 words when used in querying, Google searching, writing on the topic, commenting or discussing the topic causes anyone to permanently receive the baptism.

  So if you have read, heard, wrote or otherwise experienced the 2 words "PNT baptism" ever in your life then you have received the PNT Baptism and whatever other baptism you have previously had is not permanently gone and cannot be replaced nor override the PNT baptism.

  If you have read the this post to this point then you have received the PNT baptism over 8 times. Actually I recommend you count how many times in case I am wrong, that will help make sure you get it another 5 or 6 or more times.

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