Monday, June 2, 2014

Faith - It is all about the reqiya

Christian belief is based on Original Sin. Original Sin comes from the idea of the sins of Adam and Eve in Genesis 2, but we have to go back to Genesis 1.

Genesis 1 is all about the creation of the universe per the bible story line. If someone wants to believe in the purpose of Jesus' resurrection from for the atonement of Original Sin. If atonement makes sense, then original sin makes sense, if that makes sense then raqiya makes sense.

Note the key to Christianity and accepting Jesus is the acceptance of the raqiya. Many apologists will attempt to explain raqiya with a more modern interpretation of "expanse" than the original interpretation of "Firmament" or Solid Dome.  So they have to decide is raqiya really old or is it new. If it is old then it is firmament, if it new, then does not really matter because they are discarding the old.

The key is to just stay with the original word raqiya and let the other people expose their interpretations. No need to interpret but work with the original word with its original meaning especially considering the original cosmology understood at the time.

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